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Host Your Own Show

Broadcasting and Hosting your own radio show on the Internet Broadcasting Network (The iB Network)

Based out of Colorado Springs, Internet radio broadcasting on the" iB" is the perfect way get your message out in a dynamic, effective and timely way.  You will gain credibility as “the expert” by showcasing your knowledge and capabilities to your listeners and followers.

We will empower you to become the host of your very own radio show by using our expertise in all aspects of producing, engineering and marketing a high quality professional sounding broadcast. You will discover that utilizing the power and flexibility of internet broadcasting can keep you in front of existing clientele, friends and family, and over time become a natural lead source for you, just by entertaining them and using your natural influence.



Standard Host package .........................$100.00 a week ($400 a month with one year contract)

Audience builder Pro Package ..............$385.00 a week (one year contract)


Our hosts benefit from the following:

  • In-house Executive Producer assigned to your show
  • 1 hour weekly live broadcast (pre-recording optional) at a set day and time with 1 hour rebroadcast
  • 1 professionally produced commercial for yourself or your product/service
  • 6 minutes of commercial air time (ad slots that are owned by you, the host)
  • Host training
  • 1 professionally produced promotion for your show, cross-promoted on the weekly broadcasts
  • Professionally produced opening and closing billboards and re-joiners
  • Personalized host page with 10 placement ad spaces for you to sell
  • Massive Internet promotion of your show (Audience builder Pro Package)
  • Host bio page with link back to your personal website
  • All shows available as Mp3s and able to be podcast on iTunes (Audience builder Pro Package)
  • Monthly listing on email show reminders to over 500,000 show specific recipients  (Audience builder Pro Package)
  • Give access to your show to over 12,500 listeners

Host your own show:


Earn money by selling your ad space and audio commercial spots. (seven 60 sec or fifteen 30 sec spots per show)

Build a reputation as being an expert.

Keep in front of your current client base with fresh entertaining content every week and word will get around.

Create a referral network of listeners and fans.

Create quality entertainment for fans to enjoy and share.


Streaming Internet Radio Growth
Note that " Listen to audio you cannot get elsewhere" is at top 19% and that podcasting and internet radio are out ranking Terrestrial & Satellite radio.

Start your own show on the iB Network!
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